Recovering Tables with RMAN (12c)

Hello, everyone.
Today I will talk about of one the interesting features on oracle 12c, which is recovery a table with RMAN.
There are could be many reasons to restore a table, for example a data load failure, a huge insert data in wrong way, these types of restore could be dangerous.
On the other way you can create a second database Continue reading

Oracle Database 12c: Invisible columns

Hi everyone,

Today I will talk a little about a new feature on Oracle Database 12c, there are invisible columns. For use this feature there are some restrictions in some types of tables like:
Invisible columns are not supported in external tables, cluster tables, or temporary tables.
Also there are some kinds of operation that will not see a column set to invisible:
A statement with wildcard character, such as select * from mytables.
The SQL*Plus DESC command (Below I will tell how to see invisible columns with DESC command)
A PL/SQL %rowtype declaration
An insert into select * statement

Invisible columns can be made invisible when using the Continue reading

Oracle Database 12c: Data pump views_as_tables parameter (New feature)

Hello everyone!!
How many times, you would like to converted a view into a table during an export or import process.
Well, now on Oracle 12c this is can be possible with the views_as_tables parameter, with this parameter allows you to convert a view into a table during either an export to a dump file or a import from a dump file.
During the process of export dump file, the views listed into the parameter views_as_tables are converted during the process. Continue reading

Oracle Database 12c ( installation on Solaris 11 (11.2 x86)

Hello everyone!!
Today I will show, how to prepare the Solaris 11.2 for install Oracle Database 12c (
I am still familiarizing with Solaris systems, to me it has been a good experience.
I am discovering very good features about Solaris systems. This is a simple post, with few steps you can be prepare.

To complete the steps you will need the following prerequisites Continue reading