Migrating the database from File System to ASM (12c)

Hello everyone!

On this post I will show how migrate your oracle database reside on a file system to an ASM.
I will not entered on the detail how to configure and install your grid infrastructure software and how to allocate/create disks to ASM. Continue reading

Oracle Database: Transportable Tablespace – across platform (Windows to AIX)

Hello everyone!!

I am a little absent, on writing articles at the blog, because I am working on many projects (sleeping less too) with very tight deadlines (Typical life of DBA). Anyway…
Some days ago one friend called for help to make a transportable tablespace  I will post this activities here from Windows to AIX (differents endian formats). Continue reading

Restore database on another server and change database name (Linux)

Hello, everyone! Today I will show you how to restore a database on another server with different directory structures and in the sequence change the database name. This operation is very common to tests procedure restore and recovery. I always used this process for many environments for evidences of restore.

Let’s start: Continue reading