Migrating the database from File System to ASM (12c)

Hello everyone!

On this post I will show how migrate your oracle database reside on a file system to an ASM.
I will not entered on the detail how to configure and install your grid infrastructure software and how to allocate/create disks to ASM. Continue reading

Recovering Tables with RMAN (12c)

Hello, everyone.
Today I will talk about of one the interesting features on oracle 12c, which is recovery a table with RMAN.
There are could be many reasons to restore a table, for example a data load failure, a huge insert data in wrong way, these types of restore could be dangerous.
On the other way you can create a second database Continue reading

Restore database on another server and change database name (Linux)

Hello, everyone! Today I will show you how to restore a database on another server with different directory structures and in the sequence change the database name. This operation is very common to tests procedure restore and recovery. I always used this process for many environments for evidences of restore.

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Creating image copies and switch to image copies for fast recovery

Hello, everyone!
Today, I will talk about a little of image copies. An image copy is an exact copy of a tablespace’s datafile, an archive redo log file or a control file.
This type of backup can be written only to disk. In case of recovery the time from restoration is less because the file is already on disk.
An image copy can be used like a full backup or a backup level 0, all used and an unused blocks are taken during this type of backup operation.
Also the command SWITCH will be used to perform fast recovery operation.

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