Pluggable Database save state (automatic start)

On this post I will show one interesting feature on 12c at version, save state of a pluggable database.
After restart a container database all pluggables databases stays on mount state, imagine if you are a DBA with more than 100 PDBs.
You may need to write a trigger event or a script to put the PDBs on write mode, this operations could be complexs.
Considering that not all PDBs don’t have to stay on write mode.

Let’s start: Continue reading

Migrating the database from File System to ASM (12c)

Hello everyone!

On this post I will show how migrate your oracle database reside on a file system to an ASM.
I will not entered on the detail how to configure and install your grid infrastructure software and how to allocate/create disks to ASM. Continue reading

Recovering Tables with RMAN (12c)

Hello, everyone.
Today I will talk about of one the interesting features on oracle 12c, which is recovery a table with RMAN.
There are could be many reasons to restore a table, for example a data load failure, a huge insert data in wrong way, these types of restore could be dangerous.
On the other way you can create a second database Continue reading

Oracle Database: Transportable Tablespace – across platform (Windows to AIX)

Hello everyone!!

I am a little absent, on writing articles at the blog, because I am working on many projects (sleeping less too) with very tight deadlines (Typical life of DBA). Anyway…
Some days ago one friend called for help to make a transportable tablespace  I will post this activities here from Windows to AIX (differents endian formats). Continue reading

Oracle Database 12c: Invisible columns

Hi everyone,

Today I will talk a little about a new feature on Oracle Database 12c, there are invisible columns. For use this feature there are some restrictions in some types of tables like:
Invisible columns are not supported in external tables, cluster tables, or temporary tables.
Also there are some kinds of operation that will not see a column set to invisible:
A statement with wildcard character, such as select * from mytables.
The SQL*Plus DESC command (Below I will tell how to see invisible columns with DESC command)
A PL/SQL %rowtype declaration
An insert into select * statement

Invisible columns can be made invisible when using the Continue reading

Oracle Database 12c: Data pump views_as_tables parameter (New feature)

Hello everyone!!
How many times, you would like to converted a view into a table during an export or import process.
Well, now on Oracle 12c this is can be possible with the views_as_tables parameter, with this parameter allows you to convert a view into a table during either an export to a dump file or a import from a dump file.
During the process of export dump file, the views listed into the parameter views_as_tables are converted during the process. Continue reading

Oracle Database 12c: Move datafile online (New feature)

Hello readers!!
Today I will talk about one interesting feature on Oracle 12c: Move a datafile online.
You could have many reasons to move a datafile online, for example: to another file system, or to another ASM disk group.
On previous versions if you want to move a datafile or rename, you must to put datafile offline and you need to recover the datafile and bring back online. During this operation it is not possible access the data inside the datafile. Continue reading