Oracle Entreprise Manager Cloud 12c: Configuring e-mail alerts

Hello everyone!
Today I will show how to configure e-mail alerts in OEM 12c.
I did one implementation in one client last week, all databases are monitored with OEM 12c, this is a very good tool.
The scopes of OEM 12c are not limited only at database level.
We will create commun alert for full tablespaces.
Let’s start:
As a first step we will create a Group. The groups allows you to monitor a lot of targets as one.

  • Go to menu Targets/Groups
    Click on button create/group. Give a name for your group, on the section members, click on add button, on target type select the pluggable databases.
    Select all you want, and click on Select button, after click on Ok. Now your group target it was created.


  • Go to menu Setup/Notifications/Notifications Methods
    And put information on the fields, how show the print below.



  • Now click on apply button. You need to configure the SNMPv1 Traps.



After this click on OK button.

  • Now we will create the rule for trigger the e-mail alert.
    Go to menu Setup/Incidents/Incidents Rules.

Click on button create a rule set:

  • Give a name for the rule set.
    On the section targets:
    Click on add button, and select the group that you created.


At the rule section, click on create button / add button.


Select type of metreic that you want.


  • And also select the type of severity. Now click on next button.
    On the next screen, click on add button. As show on the print below you can you, all or some requisits to your condition alert.



  • You must tick the, Advanced Notifications (SNMPv1 Trap). Now click on continue button.
    On this screen click on next button.



  • Give a name for the rule, and click on next button.
    On the next screen it is close to finish, now click on continue button.
    On the next screen click on save button and now it is rigth.

You can configure some threshold too.
On menu go to Entreprise/Monitoring/Monitoring templates.


Take some minutes to take affect on your alerts.

I hope that you enjoy!

Cheers, Felipe!








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