Using restore points

Hello folks.

In many cases you probably need to restore a database to a point in the past.
Errors that won’t be reversed only with a flashback table or perhaps you do not have
the flashback feature configured for the database.

You can use restore point with a specific time in the past or using the SCN number.
To capture the SCN of the database you can the query below:

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Creating image copies and switch to image copies for fast recovery

Hello, everyone!
Today, I will talk about a little of image copies. An image copy is an exact copy of a tablespace’s datafile, an archive redo log file or a control file.
This type of backup can be written only to disk. In case of recovery the time from restoration is less because the file is already on disk.
An image copy can be used like a full backup or a backup level 0, all used and an unused blocks are taken during this type of backup operation.
Also the command SWITCH will be used to perform fast recovery operation.

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